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It’s a magical adventure where little minds blossom with confidence, creativity, and a love for learning.

About us

We are Here to Help Parents Raise Happy and Healthy Children

At JPA Toddlers’ World School, we create a happy and cheerful environment where your child can blossom and thrive. Our unique and challenging activities play a vital role in shaping their overall personality, helping them develop into confident and well-rounded individuals. We welcome children aged 2 to 6 years old to join our loving and nurturing community.

Growing hearts and minds,

one playful step at a time.

Neena Atray

Director & Principal


Age-specific support for every stage

​2 Year Old Playway Class

The loving and conducive environment of the Playways create a perfect setting for the toddlers' learning to adapt and form bonds with teachers and children alike.

​3 Year Old Nursery Class

Every day is an opportunity to grow and learn. The curriculum followed by students of Nursery class revolves around enhancing their creativity & cognitive skills.

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4 Year Old LKG Class​

In LKG the curriculum we follow is holistic, indigenous and most importantly play & activity-based. It offers opportunities to explore and experience the environment.

Day care

Schedule and Tuition


Half Days

This shorter duration might be suitable for younger children who may not be ready for a full day away from home.


Full Days

Longer duration allows for a more comprehensive educational experience and provides extended childcare coverage.


Extended Day

These programs are designed to accommodate the needs of working parents who require childcare services during extended hours.

Why us

The Best Early Learning Experience

Curious minds, playful hearts, bright futures start: Choose Playways, where wonder takes flight.


A child's heart, filled with empathy and compassion, is the fertile ground where kindness takes root.


Keep your children wild, don't make them grow too fast.


Discover a world of wonder and growth through our enriching preschool program, where emotional learning takes center stage.


Spark ignites in curious eyes, intelligence unfolds with playful ties.

Daily activities

Designed for Comprehensive Learning

Play Video

Morning Hello Time

"Morning Hello Time" is a period at the beginning of the day when teachers and students come together to greet each other, fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere. This time is often considered crucial for setting the tone for the day and building a sense of community within the classroom.

The Basics

Focus on foundational skills across various domains of development, including cognitive, social, emotional, and language. Holistic learning focuses on the child and provides a supportive environment where children can learn and grow.

Indoor Play

Indoor play in preschool is conducting games within the classroom where children engage in various types of play-based learning activities.


Meditation in school helps in improved concentration, increased self-awareness, and the development of positive coping mechanisms. It's essential to approach meditation in a playful and age-appropriate manner, ensuring that it fulfils the developmental needs and interests of the young children.


Immerse your little ones in the enchanting world of imagination, where every tale comes to life. Our carefully curated collection of stories sparks creativity, builds language skills, and fosters a love for learning.

Outdoor Play

It is a crucial component of early childhood education that offers numerous benefits for children's physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Meet the teachers

Experts in Giving Your Children the Best Start

JPA Toddlers' World School JPA Vivek Atray JPA School Toddlers' School pre school playway
Neena Atray

Director - Principal

Ashima Kapoor


Rajni Satsangi


What parents say
Excellent annual function presented by JPA Toddlers' World Preschool, Blossoms. Salute to the entire faculty at JPA for an exceptional show. The toddlers performed amazingly and enjoyed themselves. Thank you JPA for giving parents such wonderful memories of the day..
Divya Jain

More than Just a Joyful Place