Our classrooms are spacious, well ventilated and are done up in bright and cheerful colours.

We encourage outdoor activity. The school boasts of large open playgrounds for the numerous outdoor activities.

Children have great fun playing on swings under the watchful eye of their teachers.

We try to blend modernity with tradition. All festivals are celebrated with great fanfare to make the children aware of the glorious heritage of our country.

Celebration of birthdays is so much fun as they share their snacks while enjoying with friends.
Fun days are full of joyous activities and happy rides.

Children love picnics, so they are regularly taken out for picnics to picturesque spots.

There is no sport as graceful as horse-riding. The school provides an introduction to this royal sport with guided joy rides on horseback.

Gardening can be a wonderful experience when it involves sowing, watering, weeding and of course, playing with the soil!

Children love to have a splash in summers. They splash & shriek with delight in the splash pools kept in the school lawns.

Children are periodically taken for Educational Visits to areas of interest and significance, so that they are better able to understand the world around them. For toddlers, a visit to a Dairy or a Poultry farm can be as interesting and informative as one to the Zoo or a Dam. These visits, as many as 10 or more in a year, enrich their knowledge, and add fun to learning.

Kooh Sports is part of the sports activities.

Gymnastics, Yoga , Meditation, Art and Craft, Singing, Dance, Audio-Visual Classes, Competitions are some of the fun filled activites which the school indulges the kids with on a regular basis.



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