Conventional methods of teaching confined to classroom studies alone are replaced by an interactive study system in our school. A host of co-curricular activities add fun to classroom education. Emphasis is on learning through play. The children are taught motor co-ordination through clay moulding, bead-play, puzzles, blocks and other activity-based methods. They are encouraged to work independently so as to boost creativity.

Personality development and Educational Workshops

In order to develop a well-rounded personality, exposure to the world outside the school and home is a must. The school, in collaboration with various educational and creative clubs, regularly holds workshops especially designed for the personality development of each child. Children are exposed to different fields of artistic expression like speaking on a particular topic (for example their favourite toy), drawing and coloring, dance and singing, dramatics, poem recitation etc. These workshops also conduct courses on personality development where children are groomed into becoming smart young beings ready to face the world with poise and confidence.

Dramatization of Stories

Participation leads to better understanding; all children are made to act out the various stories told in class, whether they be fairy tales or Epics. Besides being lots of fun, this also helps them to identify with the characters and imbibe the moral lessons of these Epics.

Library and English Conversation

The school has an excellent library, well stocked with storybooks and activity books designed to stir every child's imagination. These brightly illustrated books also provide an easy and enjoyable approach to improvement in language skills. Colourful illustrated pictures help in forming a sound base towards conversing in English .




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