Art and Craft

The world, seen through a child's eye is a beautiful place. Children are encouraged to create their own colourful interpretations of what they see around them. Children have a wonderful time carrying out fun-filled projects involving cutting, pasting, drawing and colouring. Their efforts are put up on the class bulletin board for the appreciation of all.

Singing and Dance

Children sing like angels. In our singing and dance classes children are gently guided towards developing their musical talents. From devotional music to the latest jazz numbers, the toddlers enjoy them all as they sing and sway their way through. Qualified professionals teach the children Indian as well as Western music and dance.


Gymnastics helps in promoting motor skill development. It promotes balance, rhythm, co-ordination & flexibility. Children keep fit while having fun!

Yoga & Meditation

It is an opportunity for the children to tune in with their inner voice. Yoga helps in achieving a heightened state of well being through the integration of body, mind & soul. Meditation helps children in developing concentration & peacefulness.



Several competitions, based on different themes, are held every month so as to encourage participation and to help them shed their inhibitions. These competitions give them a sense of participation and are designed to encourage co-operation among the children.





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